The instructional design department at many universities is overwhelmed with requests, projects, updates, and new courses. iDesign partners with universities to build, update, and support online courses and programs with a flexible, tailored approach. Whether it is a high-profile degree or program that needs to be built or improvements to existing courses iDesign partners with you to create a tailored solution for your needs.


Leverage our expertise in learner experience design, pedagogy, and instructional technology to build your online and blended course offerings. Working interactively with our team you will experience unparalleled support throughout the process with a focus on quality, student experience, and on-time delivery.

Our team will partner with you to walk through and create a robust project structure to ensure that you and your faculty feel informed, comfortable, and in control throughout the process. This includes sharing illustrative examples of effective research-based practices, blueprinting the course to ensure alignment, conceiving and refining each element of the course, and directing the build out.


Our concierge service helps faculty focus on teaching and learning. The iDesign team for each course includes a single point of contact with a robust support structure that ensures faculty are supported throughout the entire process. Happy faculty makes your life easier. While we focus on the details and delivery, you can focus on your strategic goals and brining everything together.


Whether it is using data to continually improve your courses or developing unique programs on an agile schedule, the iDesign team has the experience and background to bring your project to life. Being university backed, not venture backed, aligns our incentives with yours and creates the foundation for a sustainable, client-funded service company. iDesign is built to serve higher education by trading value for value.

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