Instructional Design

Course Design & Development

Great instructional design is critical for high-quality online teaching and learning. iDesign provides white-glove, concierge course design and development support to your faculty. We employ a combination of high-touch service, deep expertise in learner experience design, and robust project structure to ensure that faculty members feel informed, comfortable, and in control throughout the process. Our designers are passionate about creating engaging, student-centered learning experiences that unlock the potential of instructional technology.

Our instructional design team for each course includes a learning architect who leads the team, a graphic designer, an instructional technologist, and a reviewer. The learning architect partners with the faculty member to walk through the process of adapting existing content or face-to-face coursework for delivery in an online or blended modality. This includes sharing illustrative examples of effective research-based practices, blueprinting the course to ensure alignment, conceiving and refining each element of the course, and directing the build out.

Quality assurance is integrated throughout course development, and multiple, objective touch-points during the process facilitate structured, feedback to faculty members. Similarly, the learning architect obtains faculty input and approval for all aspects of the course. A typical course design and development timeframe is 3 months. All academic decisions and intellectual property rights rest with the faculty and university.

Continuous Improvement

Technology-enabled learning facilitates data-driven evaluation and improvement of course content and, ultimately, student outcomes. iDesign helps our partners harness that data through our continuous improvement service, which includes course quality dashboard access and course redesign.

iDesign’s fully customizable course quality dashboard puts real-time data at your fingertips, facilitating seamless accreditation review and instant visibility across all courses. Standard metrics include a course quality score based on the Quality Matters rubric and data from our proprietary student Time-On-Task Estimator (TOTE). The TOTE includes estimates of student time-on-task for the full course, for each module, and broken down into an activity profile based on Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Using data from the dashboard in conjunction with student evaluations, faculty impressions, and available engagement data from the live offering of a course, iDesign learning architects review each course and make suggestions for revisions that will improve the student learning experience. These suggestions are reviewed with faculty and administration and implemented according to the their guidance. Over time, this process is transformative for faculty teaching and student learning.


Marketing & Recruiting

Market Research

A sound value proposition is the single most important determinant of success for online and blended programs. Competition in the online space is heating up, and higher education institutions are facing unprecedented concern over costs, student debt, and the value of degrees. Program success depends not only on broad market demand but also on competitive program parameters and brand compatibility. iDesign provides market research targeting program selection, competitive landscape, and ultimately program parameter recommendations accounting for institutional context.


iDesign crafts strategies and executes marketing campaigns to drive enrollment growth for specific programs. We focus messaging around the student value proposition and tailor the approach and channel selection for each partner and each program. Our marketing services include website and landing page development, ongoing SEO, paid digital marketing, organic content creation, and on-ground marketing via employer partnership executives. Recognizing the diminishing returns of paid channels, we defend your brand and geography while pursuing cumulative channels that bolster your reputation as a thought leader in your space.

Enrollment Services

Marketing investment is wasted without effective enrollment services follow-up. Delays or communication gaps in the application process have demonstrable negative impacts on student acquisition. Our dedicated enrollment services representatives act as a faithful extension of the university team, shepherding prospective students from inquiry through application and financial aid to matriculation. Modern communication tracking methods ensure that prospects do not fall through the cracks and facilitate optimization of enrollment strategies over time.


Faculty & Student Support


Most students who drop out do so for non-academic reasons. Though life circumstances are beyond institutional control, targeted support and outreach can dramatically improve retention and graduation rates. Quality perceptions, public funding, and the university bottom line are all in play. iDesign moves the needle on retention with targeted outreach based on university data. Analysis of communication and outcomes data drives continuous improvement of retention efforts.

Success Coaching

In some cases, students or professors require additional support within a course or a program. Success coaches have subject-specific academic expertise and work with students under the direction of the faculty of record. Faculty and/or the university determine the credentials required and specify tasks assigned to coaches. This facilitates scale without over-burdening faculty.

Helpdesk & Tech Support

A robust, responsive helpdesk improves the online education experience for all parties and prevents technology from becoming a distraction. Clearly directing students to a responsive helpdesk for technical issues reduces the communication burden for instructors. On the student side, quality support services enhance engagement, success, and retention. Easy student helpdesk access is increasingly important as universities grow their online offerings and enrollments. iDesign offers fully-customizable, multi-modal helpdesk and tech support services.


Online Courses

Collectively, our learning design teams have literally hundreds of years of professional education experience. We leverage that experience to create innovative and engaging faculty professional development courses. Quality instructional design is a necessary condition for a great digital learning experience. So is quality instruction. Our online courses educate faculty about effective research-based practices for digital teaching and learning. Just as important, they provide faculty with an illustrative student experience, building their comfort level with instructional technology and stimulating exploration of the realm of the possible. Contact us to find out more about our Preparing to Teach Online course.

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