Dr. Rabi Chatterjee

Associate Dean of the Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh

Rabi Chatterjee discusses iDesign’s fresh approach relative to the incumbent revenue share model. He provides great insight into how a customized approach that recognizes the specific values and needs of the university is the only way to move forward in a fashion that enables institutions to maintain control and autonomy

Dr. Charlie McCormick

President of Schreiner University

Charlie McCormick speaks to iDesign’s fee-for-service model and the benefits of the partnership for Schreiner. He further discusses the creative financing option Schreiner utilized to pay for the upfront investment of iDesign’s services and how iDesign provided marketing and recruiting services to make the online RN to BSN its higher enrolling program in 18 months.

Bill Valenta

Associate Vice Provost for Professional Programs at the University of Pittsburgh

Bill Valenta discusses the partner selection process, the benefits of iDesign’s pilot experience, and Pitt’s continued focus on brand integrity.

Dr. Sandra Chrystal

Vice Dean of Online Learning, USC Marshall

USC Marshall uses Canvas for its online MBA course offerings and wanted more hands-on help with the structural design of the program. iDesign quickly created content and built a student experience that was intuitive, sleek, and a faithful representation of our brand.

Dr. Linda Eads

Associate Provost, Southern Methodist University

iDesign quickly became a trusted advisor because they genuinely understood the unique needs of our faculty and students.  Their top-notch instructional designers and learning architects were just as thoughtful about building the solution as they were about implementing it, and supporting our faculty to ensure continued success.

Dr. Charlie McCormick

President, Schreiner University

An institution like Schreiner University cannot afford to make bad decisions. Therefore, when we were considering enhancements to and expansions of our online offerings, we sought out a partner who could understand our specific situation: our hopes and dreams as well as our limits and anxieties. iDesign proved to be just such a partner. They did not just sell us solutions; they walked alongside us as we have—together—made decisions about how Schreiner University can confidently accelerate its online offerings and improve student learning through technology. Our partnership with iDesign has been a very good decision.

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