Education, Unbundled

Course Market by iDesign helps colleges and universities transform existing courses and content into certificates and credentials that enable working adults to develop in-demand skills and competencies.

Our partner institutions are unbundling and repackaging rigorous courses featuring university faculty in high demand fields. Together, we’re making good on shared commitments to workforce relevance, access and affordability at a time when badges, certificates, and stackable credentials are growing in value among learners and employers alike.

Flexibility, Scale, and Autonomy

Rooted in a commitment to flexibility and institutional autonomy, Course Market was designed to streamline an institution’s ability to launch modular offerings as learner and employer demands shift in a dynamic economy.

Course Market provides institutions with a scalable way to offer students faced with array of educational alternatives access to digital courses and credentials that come with the trust and credibility of colleges and universities.

Why Now?

At a time when low cost courses, bootcamps, and badges offer accelerated pathways to workforce relevant skills and competencies, colleges and universities have an unprecedented opportunity to lead.

As the shelf-life of skills shrinks, graduates will need to renew and refresh their capabilities throughout their career. It’s about extending the relevance of a degree, and stacking credentials on the path to their next accomplishment. It’s about engaging alumni, and creating new relationships with lifelong learners.

A Hub for Institutional Innovation

Continuing education divisions are, in many ways, the entrepreneurial DNA for colleges and universities. Their relative autonomy and freedom from traditional policies allows for experimentation with microdegrees, corporate training, and emerging pedagogies.

But continuing education divisons are often challenged by the complexity of processes and investments required to define and implement a successful strategy for delivering alternative credentials – and modularizing education.

Many do not have access to the university-wide learning management systems (LMS) because their non-degree-seeking students do not qualify as FTEs (a defining metric for LMS contracts). They rarely have the ability to circumvent registration and payment processes established within student information systems (SIS). Existing platforms, including MOOCs, demand a share of revenue for access to educational tools with outmoded and limited functionality.

A Unique Partnership

Course Market reflects collaboration among a group of best-in-class education technology companies including iDesign, Credly, and Instructure. Instructure’s popular Canvas LMS provides the functionality and student experience demanded by non-traditional learners. Credly’s end-to-end solution for creating, issuing, and managing digital credentials enables institutions to offer unique, branded certificates and badges. iDesign provides credential design, course design, ongoing student support, payment processing, and e-commerce services.

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