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Licensing Prep

The CNA training program will be a fully-online (+ clinical experience), self-paced learning experience that meets federal and state regulations and prepares learners for the CNA licensing exam in the state of their choice.

CNA value add for Healthcare Systems:

  • Train your own CNA's
  • Create a common standard of learning across your entire organization
  • Ensure proper training for all staff
  • Create staff loyalty by offering opportunities for career growth
  • Option to customize the training course and create your own version of the training for your organization
  • Increase recruitment pool
  • Prepares you for the CNA Licensure Exam
  • Meets state requirements for CNA Training

Our training program prepares a CNA to:

  • Communicate effectively with patients, family and staff
  • Demonstrate basic nursing skills while caring for patients
  • Establish and maintain a safe and pleasant environment
  • Follow the nursing care plan in providing care
  • Give simple emotional and psychological support to the patient and family members
  • Identify the organization of the health care institution and its function
  • Record observations and maintain records specific to the long-term facility and/or healthcare system or home health agency
  • Report observations related to the patient's condition to an immediate supervisor

The federal government regulates CNA training by providing a required core curriculum, or topics that must be covered and assessed. The curriculum is divided into two parts: topics that must be covered before students come into direct contact with clients and topics that can be learned in conjunction with clinical training.